Mother Sentenced To Jail For Enrolling Children In Better School District


We live in a time when school districts (Wake County, North Carolina) is turning back the hands of time and dismantling integration in schools.  We live in a time when immigrant children are being denied access to schooling and healthcare.  This last issue has the attention of our president, but does this one?  I would like to ask how the school board paid for the private investigator, and did they use federal funds?  Why is a woman of color criminalized, her future ruined, for wanting to educate her children in a safe environment?  This should be a right of all American citizens.  The school board has apparently become like night patrollers, seeking those who don’t belong, and willing and eager to show them their place of old; that grand old place which existed not too long ago.  Come on people!  Come on Arne Duncan!  Put on your superman, superintendent’s cape that President Obama gave to you and help fight this!  Why are we as voters still accepting unequal education standards for our non-white children?  It is nearly 2012, time to ring the school bell for standardized education across the board for all children.  If your child’s school is in a sketchy neighborhood, then we have to clean it up for the children’s sake.  Ring the bell, it’s nearly 2012!

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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