Russell Simmons: ‘Why I’m Vegan’ – The Ellen DeGeneres Show


Okay, there must be something to this.  My ex is a vegan, Bill Clinton is a vegan, Ellen is a vegan and now Russell Simmons too?? Alright ya’ll, I’m trying to give up my plantation ways and get off the meat-go-round. But how do I give up chocolate?  I need my See’s candy, Nuts & Chews every once in awhile.  I won’t go cold turkey.  I’ve tried that, just to return to eating meat with a vengeance all the more the following day or week.  What I will do is give it up, a little at a time, item by item.  I will experiment and switch out stuff from my pantry.  I will give myself until my birthday in April.  It’s a big one too, so I want to see how I look and feel then. (Sucking my teeth, with a stank eye twist)  Alright, let’s get started.  Psst, I can still eat fried pickles though, right??


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