Hi ho, Hi ho it’s another Royal Show

The 12 year old in me is peeking from behind the curtain.  I actually googled the upcoming royal wedding.  I think it’s because of the bride, Kate Middleton, oh and the whole Disney show the Brits put on, and the dress!  I love a pretty dress.  But why am I softening?  I think it’s because of Princess Tiana.  That’s right, the only black Disney Princess makes the 12 year old in me want to still buy dolls and believe in fairytales.  Do you think the seven dwarfs will help Kate prepare for her big day?  I like to think the Brits will blow my little Disney dream filled mind and bring their A game on April 29. Never mind that it’s MY birthday and I had rights to the day for over 40 years now (grumble, grumble), so William, if you ever forget your anniversary you need only drop me a note because I will remember it as the day a girl whose name begins with a K became royalty, because from what I can tell she was already a princess.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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