Everybody’s got to have a side hustle these days.  The President is running for re-election and he needs to fill up his deep, dark ditty bags with lots of cash.  He’s currently asking for $35,800 per supporter (I hope he wasn’t looking at me when he came up with that number).  I suggest he and the First Lady sell that homemade beer they’ve been making and some fried pickles (my personal fav) on a food truck and go around D.C. and Virginia, heck the whole country on tour. 🙂  Now, I’m a Chicago girl, and as you know I have my Fannie May swirl.  In Chicago we love hot dogs and italian beef and pizza.  All three go very well with beer.  Just think about the possibilities here.  The president could have beer summits all over the nation.  He could stop on any block, set up shop, put out his shingle and offer to mediate local dustups, all for the price of a frosty brew.  Of course, you know a girl would want a picture with the President and a Commander-in-Chief cuddle. 🙂 Whew Lawd!  I’d want my pickles served on some special White House china, and my beer in a pewter mug, like Thomas Jefferson would’ve had his.  Then, and only then would I turn over the $35,800 dollar check.  Mrs. Obama would have to pry it from my sweaty palms, because I would be in la la land from that presidential hug.  Oh well, a girl can dream. 🙂

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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