A Funny Bunny

Tearing into my chocolate bunny from Easter, I noticed its eyes were painted blue on the metallic wrapping.  Why a blue eyed Easter bunny?  Why not brown?  Did the candy company intentionally racialize the Easter bunny to exclude me, a brown eyed girl, from the celebration of our Savior’s resurrection?  How about this, there is a “Made in America” stamp on the bunnies butt too.  What should I make of this bit of flag waving?  Can I take it to mean that at least the job of making this bunny was not outsourced, while the box it came in was made in China? Does China have the U.S. boxed in debt?  To the Dorothy in Kansas that handcrafted this bunny in “small batches” thanks for giving me the heads up that the Easter bunny is a woman, when you gendered her female with a pink ribbon wrapping.  Let’s not forget that she may be a brown skinned woman, masked in gold wrapping so that all that chocolate doesn’t drip onto your hands as you devour her head, enjoying your first sweet, sticky thing.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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