Miss Nina Simone, and Love’s Imperfection


“I love you Porgy,” as sung by Nina Simone has the power to transport, take me out of myself, and into a place one can only call perfection.  Yet no person is perfect.  This song doesn’t reference perfect love, or a lover that is perfect, but one that can make it all better now.  All better now, like taking a spoonful of medicine to right the wrongs that bad love has visited upon me.  Everyone wants a love like that, right?  I believe that’s what’s known as a good man.

Well, while I look for this good man, I will have to soothe my heart by taking better care of it, so that I don’t have a heart attack when I finally meet him.  This means no more fried bacon and eggs in the morning, lots of walking and singing outside the shower.  Yes! Although I can’t carry a tune, I will sing loudly and proudly because it makes me happy. Do what makes you happy.  If you’re not hurting anybody, do it.  This also means dancing, although as my sister says, I look like I’m fighting.  I will turn this on its head and fight to dance.  Who here remembers the “Safety Dance” by Men Without Hats?  That song told me to just get up and dance, hop, move, move, move my body and don’t care who’s watching.

So feed your body so you can move well into your late years.  Who knows how many you’ve been blessed with?  If you don’t take care of your Cadillac now, it will rust and corrode and no one will want to cruise in it.  Know what I mean?

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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