In Honor of Gil Scott Heron

The hole cannot be filled that once contained you.

Now that you’re gone, we play your songs.

I listen and let the words wash over me

The melody and the phrasing

All comes down to

Gil, you were amazing.


Since you caught a ride


Before me

Tell them I’ll come around shortly.


Got some things to do

Want to see a thing, or two

Can’t wrap my mind around love

And all the ways it’s kept me

And although I am alone

He’s there for me.


Talking about “The Bottle”

Got me thinking

Was the revolution televised,

While I was sleeping?


Looking to 2012

Still love Barack and Michelle.


Unemployment and the economy

Haven’t been my friends

Month to month

Struggle to meet the ends.


Still I rise

greet the sun

Singing, “Pieces of a man”

Gil Scott Heron

You were truly one.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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