Day One – Health/Diet Makeover

Today is the first day of my new health/diet makeover.  I began the day with a large salad, and iced tea.  Okay, I slipped and had a piece of fried chicken and mashed potatoes on the side at Golden Corral.  But it’s all there!  All right, I promise not to tempt myself with such a motherlode of food in the future.  The salad is still with me, and keeping me from eating.  I had an iced coffee at Dunkin Donuts and a nice chat with my health/wellness coach.  She’s going to hold my hand and make me accountable to returning my body to health.  If you want her to hold your hand and work out a health/wellness plan for you, find her over here:

In the coming weeks, watch us go grocery shopping and work out.  Watch me and see if you recognize me after a year.  I want to feel years younger in the coming months.

Yes to health!

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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