Writer for Hire

Writing is in my blood, has been since I was a child.  I remember trying to write comic books about black, female superheros that were based on a mother trying to feed her hungry kids.

A Mother is a hero, right?  Well, a Mother trying to feed, clothe and shelter her kids all while keeping them from the prison pipeline and neighborhood crime is a superhero.

I grew up in a neighborhood where the local Mom & Pop corner store was burned down every few months for insurance money scams.  The owner of the store whipped and beat his kids, but would offer me a hot dog from his family barbecue grill.  He said, he knew what it was like to grow up hungry and wanted to always have something for the neighborhood kids.  The only place I could get a meal was at school, and unless I was enrolled in summer school, that wasn’t happening.  So, I spent many a hot summer day walking around, stomach growling, head spinning and malnourished.  You can’t walk very far when your little tummy has you bent over with severe pains of hunger.  Yes, hunger does hurt.  I recommend that everyone go to http://nokidhungry.org/ and take the pledge, act now, donate now, do SOMETHING now.

I am a writer out of work.  I was once a kid without food.  Now I am adult that lives hand to mouth, because there are more people in need of work than there are available jobs.

Do something about that too.  Hire me.

You can find my resume at http://www.linkedin.com/pub/kimberly-carpenter/25/271/93 and put me to work, or you can wait for me to finish writing my comic book about the superhero mom.

Her name is Wanda, and she fights for Social Justice.

Come back next week to hear her story.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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