Ella Fitzgerald’s big band sound is gonna help me take off the pounds

It’s cloudy outside, but I’m up and just had my oatmeal and coffee, and emailed my health/wellness coach my weekly food diary.  Ella is singing, and who can be gloomy with her doing her thing?

Now, I’m polling my family to see who will donate so that I can afford to buy a bicycle this summer and get my ride on.  If you would like to donate toward my bike, drop me a note.

Good bikes for big heifers like me are expensive.  So don’t be cheap.  Hey, even the ex-husband is kicking in.  You gotta love a guy like that.

Next time, I plan to get into the pool, big belly and all.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

Music suggestion: Ac-cen-tchu-ate the Positive by Ella Fitzgerald


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