Famous Father’s and Daddy-O’s

This Father’s Day has me thinking about famous fathers like Robert F. Kennedy, and television father’s like Cliff Huxtable.

RFK was known as the man who loved children. He and his wife had so many children, it’s a wonder that he had time to care for them and take care of his duties as Attorney General.

Cliff Huxtable (portrayed by Bill Cosby) came into our homes each week, loved his wife Claire and their children.  Cliff made it clear that he and Claire were exclusive and in love.  He was a daddy that a little girl could love, especially if she didn’t have one of her own.

My own father will not be remembered this Sunday.  You see, I never knew him.  He never acknowledged me.  At age 21, I sought him out.  I took a train to Chicago where I met someone that said he knew him.  When I tried to contact him, I was given a message that he wasn’t my father, and if I persisted in telling people he was my father, he would sue me.  Imagine that?  I could be sued for simply acknowledging my father.

I dried my tears and decided instead, to honor the Father.

In this way, I will never feel like a fatherless child.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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