Poor and Shopping with Dignity

Just like the country, I’m broke.  No one is raising a debt ceiling of credit for me.  Here is what your average American has to deal with on a daily basis:

Okay Kroger sales clerk, I’m glad you had a nice giggle because I could barely cover my $6.00 grocery bill today.  So happy that I could put a smile on your face, especially when you walked around with my $2 bill asking if it was really accepted.  Yes, it’s legal tender, check the serial numbers and the signature of the Treasury Secretary.  I’m a lady, so I won’t say what I really want to say because I would be stooping to your level.  Remember, my change, scrounged up from underneath sofa’s, wallets and the last bits on my debit card help to pay your minimum wage salary.  Remember, one day I will have gainful employment again.  On that day, I will not bring my fat wallet to Kroger to shop.  I will go anywhere, and I mean anywhere but Kroger to shop.  Your seafood isn’t locally caught. I’m not so sure about the hormones in your meat, and whether it is locally sourced.  I can mix and bake a better pound cake from scratch than you can sell in your bakeries. Your clerk’s attitudes are indifferent to the circumstances of many Americans right now. Customer courtesy is everything in retail.  So is customer loyalty.  I learned today that my dollars are not wanted at Kroger.  So, I won’t ever shop there again.  I think Compare foods and Walmart are a drive away.  Food Lion is just down the street waiting for me to use my MVP card.  I will be going there or anywhere, except Kroger from now on.


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