Meatless Monday or Just Old School Budgeting

Today is meatless Monday.  It’s the day where you swap a meat
entree for a meatless version.  Whatever it is, it works with my budget which currently only allows for lentils, beans, vegetables and, well, you get the drift.

I remember my Grandmother had us eating meatless not just on Mondays, but several days throughout the week.  It was just more economical.  A typical weeks fare would look like this:

Monday – Cabbage and potatoes

Tuesday – Greens and cornbread

Wednesday – Black eyed peas and cornbread

Thursday – Smothered pork chops and buttered rice

Friday – Fried fish or salmon cakes and mashed potatoes

Saturday – Sandwiches or leftovers

Sunday – Baked Chicken, macaroni & cheese and a vegetable

An entire family ate whatever she put in her iron pans and pots.  I mean, cousins, grandsons, granddaughters (me & my sisters) and daughters, and son-in-laws.

Beautiful Lovie

We all ate in Beautiful Lovie’s kitchen, until a stroke kept her from cooking as often.  Then, she learned how to cook with one arm and the help of a grand child or her daughter, my Aunt Barbara.

It was my job to do the grocery shopping.  This meant as a preteen, I had to walk the mean streets of my Chicago neighborhood, with a cart, and a hidden pocket of money and food stamps to the nearest grocery store.  Chicago does it big!  It’s blocks are miles long, so my little legs would get a great workout.  I stayed slim until I turned 25, just from walking and eating vegetables most days.

Now, this many years later Beautiful Lovie’s budgeting is the in thing.  Thanks Grandma!

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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