Mama’s Pennies

What’s going on with the leaders in D.C.?

Are they concerned with my Mama’s pennies?

Every dollar she makes, Mama has to put in the gas tank.

She can’t worry if her groceries are organic,

there’s only 3 cents left after rent, then she panics.

Everyone knows that our economy is a hot mess.  That’s just a quick summary, and not an analysis.

They say we Americans have to put an end to living beyond our means, and stop using credit.  This makes perfect sense, and something that Mama always taught me.  It’s a pity that she didn’t warn me about Starbucks and four dollar cups of coffee.  Or my unquenchable desire for pretty dresses with polka dots and sashes.

I am not blaming Obama for the financial crisis.

I know he is doing his best.

Nobel winners come to D.C.

They don’t pass the test.


The GOP has an axe to grind

They don’t want this Prez to shine

Unemployment is high

My bank account is dry


What’s going on with the leaders in D.C.?

Do they care about the country?

They don’t care about my Mama’s 3 pennies.


Let me tell you what they mean to me:

I know what to do.  I’m gonna jump in a velvet, time machine chair and go back to when 3 pennies had real meaning and Mama had black hair.  I’ll invest her Lincoln’s in a Five and Dime (what they called Wal-Mart’s before your time).  I’ll put my Mama’s 3 coins in the oven, baked inside a cake.  I’ll earn a dollar for every one that I sell.  Mama can retire early and live well.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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