His Eyes

Your eyes are so beautiful to me

I cannot look away

If you could speak

what would you say?

You are stunning to me in every way.

 I could just stare into your eyes

all day

and not eat.

What’s the color of your hair?

It reminds me of wheat.

Did you know

your eyes change color

depending on your mood?

Many would say they are blue.

In this light

they sparkle

like tinsel

on Christmas morning.

Black and white pictures

don’t capture your light

your empathy

or what I long to touch

the years

all of them

come at me

in a rush.

When you cry,

your eyes turn moss green,

but I have to get close, to see

hold your face, wipe your tears

and kiss away your fears.


I don’t know if others see you

the way I do

It doesn’t matter

I see you through eyes of love

Eyes God gave to me.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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