Saturday Time Travel Music

It’s the early 70s and I’m a little bit, with tiny braids that stand like trees in my hair.  I run, skip, play in the mud, and buy bags of candy for a quarter that the grocer promises will rot my teeth.  I have a bike with a banana seat.  I ride like a Queen until someone steals it.  Then I walk.  I walk for country miles down city blocks in the hot, humid Chicago summer air to the place where the whole city meets — the Point.  Bongos drummed, swimmers sun on breaker rocks, picnics and the Good Humor man in his white truck, selling frozen treats for a buck.  I jump in, the water is cold, but I float until the sun meets the edge of the world.  Swimming home.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

Music suggestion: All Day Music by War

Movie suggestion: I haven’t written it yet.


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