“Of all the gin joints…”

Another house party, and I stand against a wall waiting to be noticed for a dance.  I’m like a girl from another time.  Time out of time.  Do boys asks girls to dance anymore?  Then I see him.  My heart picks up as he walks closer.

He looks familiar, like a boy I once met.

I ask him, “Are you wearing your father’s suit?”

He says, “No one could ever fit into my father’s shoes.”

I think, perfect.

It’s too much.  The energy between us is consuming the air.  I turn to face the wall.  He touches my hip.  I try to climb away.  He whisper kisses something into my ear. His other hand chases mine in time to the music.  Slowly I lean into him, just before he turns me to face him properly.

Time slows as I realize — he’s the one.  The one that all my romance novels say will sweep me off my feet.  The one that I’m supposed to meet.  My one true love.

He says, “You’re my dream girl.”  Then we dance.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

Music suggestion: Natural High, by Bloodstone

Movie suggestion: Casablanca


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