Gin & Juice and Shakespeare

In high school me and my girls called ourselves the Chings.  Our school was the Wood, or Kenwood Academy for those unfamiliar with Chicago’s south side.  We were not a gang, we were just a bunch of friends.

During a school outing to see a Shakespearean film, we sat together in the theater. Somebody, I won’t name names, had a juice carton.  Somebody else had a bottle of Tanqueray.  The juice was poured out of the box, and replaced with Tanqueray.  The gin and juice box was then passed around for communal sips.

Some British actor on the screen was delivering the performance of his life, and we were sipping and giggling.  It was probably the very gig that earned him a nomination for best actor, or something.  He probably met the Queen and was knighted for this performance.

We didn’t care.

We cared about Shakespeare and his work, but this dude on the screen…man, he was corny.  I mean, he was a tight wearing, couplet spouting, accent having corny dude.  The more we drank, the funnier his performance became.  As far as we were concerned he was a standup comedian.

Moms, check your kids juice boxes.  Kids, don’t drink at school.  Teachers, don’t you drink the Kool-aid when we’re not looking.

Copyright © 2011 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter
Music suggestion: (Not Just) Knee Deep, Funkadelic


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