Diamonds and Elizabeth Taylor

Have you seen the rock that is up for auction from the estate of the late Elizabeth Taylor?

Would you look at that?

Someone should buy up the entire collection and put it on display.  Some enterprising marketing/promotions guru should create a permanent show of Taylor’s jewels, including her films, and gowns.  The show should be a feast for the senses.

Walking into the exhibit hall, beautiful people should offer samples of Taylor’s favorite perfumes and candies.

Did Richard Burton write her any love letters?  I’m nosy.  I want to read excerpts from her diary.  He might have scribbled a little note on one of her scripts that to the right eyes, might seem romantic or just caring.

Then, like all good museum installations, Taylor’s exhibit should have a space where a fan can try on the ring.  For an extra fee to benefit AMFAR, you should be able to go into a room and sit on a luscious faux fur bench made by Dennis Basso and try on the ring.  This would tickle me.  Before you say it cannot work, I have it all worked out.  The ring could be inside one of those special, theft deterrent boxes.  I could slip my arm into a sleeve of that luscious fur and there it would magically be on my finger.   Then I would walk around all day saying, “I’m Cleopatra.”


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