British Motivation

So I was walking through Kroger looking for edible delights and forgoing the wine, when I happened to glance to my left only to see a vision so striking, I asked myself what is that loveliness?  My feet left the floor and I floated over to the image of British singing sensation, Adele, on the cover of Vogue.

My pedestrian vocabulary could only come up with the phrase, “Wow,” in processing how her beauty completely captivated me.  I was stunned into asking, “Why have you allowed yourself to deteriorate to the point that a total stranger could make you feel homely for even a moment of time?”  I’m someone that strongly believes that someone else’s blessings are not a strike against me.  I believe that when you encounter someone that is capable of dazzling, you let them know, because that very person may not be aware of it and may need to hear those encouraging words.

Okay, so I will get off my Adele adoration, girl love, soap box and get to work.  I know I have the foundation, now God has blessed me with the motivation through Adele.


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