2012 Birthday Wishes

Wish I had a buttery yellow dress to wear this birthday.  A butter yellow dress with a full skirt that swings as I walk in the wind.

Wish I had a pearl necklace perfect for a grown up woman to wear.  The little girl pearls I have keep breaking, like a promise made and not kept.  I want grown up woman pearls that could lasso the moon and rope a wild stallion.

Wish I could wear heels so high that on tiptoe I can see the top of the sun’s afro.  Y’all know the sun is a black woman with a Black Power Fro.  That’s why she’s so hot–a lot on her mind that she can’t wait to tell you.  Oh, you’re gonna listen.

Wish I could leave North Carolina chickens alone.  I’ll make this a fried chicken free zone for the week.

Wishing that someone, maybe me would stand up for U.S. Nuns that put those in poverty ahead of critical reprimands by folks in Rome.  The Church could use more caring like the Nuns offer freely.

Wishing my Sweet Thing all my love.


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