A Dollar Bill Gives His Take on the Economy

Every year.  Every minute someone is mishandling me.

“Get your damn paws off.  What are you using me for today?  Oh, I’m sure you really needed that.” (Rolls eyes).

Republican SuperPacs outspending Democrats in the hunt to unseat the President.  They are wasting more dollars than some countries have in their treasuries.  Disgusting!

Where is the money going?  Not into creating jobs, that’s for sure.

There was a time when the earnest could look at the classifieds, with one eye closed and if qualified, land a position where I would be the prize at the end of 2 weeks.  They’re telling me that’s out-of-style.  In 2012, you have graduates with advanced degrees who cannot convince Ronald McDonald to introduce them to his play cousin Hamburglar, the hiring manager at all of his restaurants.  They can take me in, and buy a $1 meal, but the honor of serving behind the counter is reserved for a select few.

Look at this girl over here.  Down there.  In the picture.  She desperately needs a position that pays.  No one cares that she’s a champion degree herder.  Yeah, that’s right.  She just collected a Master of Arts from Duke University. Oooooooooooh (Piece of meaningless-wants to be meaningful-could be used as toilet paper-but is not as soft as Charmin-and can’t buy a Happy Meal-degree).

Click on her View Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter's profile on LinkedIn

Be nosy.  Maybe you could use her.  Only contact if you have vision and can see her potential.

Copyright © 2012 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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