Love Like Red Velvet Cake

In front of a white house she stands waiting for the sky to open, allowing the sun to peek through.  Through grass and sand, she glides to the edge.

“Mmm that’s good,” She says as he holds white frosted fingers to her lips.  She considers the offering, him and the red cake, opening wide to the possibilities.

She radiates behind sunglasses and a Grace Kelly scarf.

Watching from a distance, she says, “Our re/meeting will have to wait.  Until then your strength is mine.  I give. You take.  May your humble brilliance ungloom the night.”

Remember kisses that had to wait?

Remember smoldering heat and Popsicle sticks? Cold and dripping through my fingers, I brush them wet against your lips.

May the waters tide come in quickly, and recede, shy of our blaze.

Hungry for sweet, steel melody and in the pocket harmony, hot buttered words and punctuated shouts.

Always with love, now, and forever.

Copyright © 2012 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

Music suggestions:  The Precious One, Shana Tucker

Falsetto, The-Dream


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