An Invitation to the Dance

Venus crossed in front of the sun last night.  A bold move for a planet not even half her size.  A speck.  A tiny speck in comparison to her dimensions.

“Do you think she noticed me?” Venus asks her friends, the moon and earth.

Moon rushes forward to answer, “You’re an icon Venus.  Movies have been made about you.”

Venus, turning from Moon looks at the hideous wallpaper covering Earth’s inner sanctum.  Venus kneels quickly, almost in prayer.  Standing to face Moon again, Venus chuckles, covering her insecurity, “You know, I wore that expensive perfume you talked me into buying last time around.”

Moon joins in the laughter, “That stuff was awful when it was new.”

“I thought it would age well and become something better, like fine wine,” Venus says.

Moon peers intensely over Venus’ shoulder, “I think you’ve been noticed.”  Walking forward, Moon places his hands on Venus’ shoulders.  “Don’t look now, but someone is shining very brightly for this time in the afternoon.”

“No?” Venus smiles, then checks her profile in the mirror.

“Yes,” Moon chuckles, “Stay cool.  Next time around leave her a love letter.”

Venus shrugs, but grins hopefully, “Think she’ll be my date at the Prom?”

“Well, we have 117 years to build a dancehall big enough for her to attend,” Moon says, walking away with Venus.

Copyright © 2012 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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