Robert’s Little Sister

Everyone that know’s him, knows me as Robert’s little sister.

My big brother Robert knows me, and my method of madness well.  He knows that my Dorothy in the storm passion attracts and is attractive.  He has always been my fan.

He is 5’10” to my 5’9”, but we are both taller than your average stack of New York Times standing by a roadside in the wet road, waiting for a coffee addicted reader to come by and rescue us.

Robert is a Harvard University and Columbia Law grad and professional big brother to me by birth and to others just by love.  A film fan and soundtrack enthusiast, he can spot an arpeggio from Indiana Jones that doubles as a cartoon accent in a Simpsons vignette.  Like me, he is a survivor of Chicago’s Southside.

I’m a Mount Holyoke College and Duke University graduate, on the way to herding more degrees.

Robert took me to my first ball game, and suffered through my fanatical fascination with Brooke Shields and the movie Endless Love.  He works hard, and is a social media foe.  He likes the old school charm of witty, well written prose in a letter, preferably on blue or cream stationary.  The Theme from New York, New York as sung by old blue eyes himself takes second place to Sweet Home Chicago for this brother who follows the Chicago Bulls with one eye closed, and the other searching for the remote.

Robert would strongly encourage you to select his sister, Ms. Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter for a keeping money in her pocket, and her hands out of mine opportunity, as it would bring her a step closer to kicking open doors that may eventually (soon we hope) result in his being able to say it all began here.

Robert would describe me as his little sister.  But, to anyone that meets me, I am sure this description defies their understanding of the strict definition of little.  For Robert the term is an endearment.  He knows that I would follow him to the library, through snowstorms to school and tell anyone that dares to bad mouth him, that he is my brother and they should consider that and speak of him with care.

He believes I am creative and can write better than most lawyers.  This is a compliment, because I remember running home from school to show him that I learned to spell.  He knows that I love visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art and would move into a particular exhibit if allowed.

He would say that I have an addiction to all things Apple related, but to his concern, I shun the fruit.

Robert would say that many employers are missing out on a wonderfully exciting, imaginative and intelligent woman who just needs one individual to step up and give her a chance.  I am certain that if you called him, he would say select my sister.  The choice of selected candidates  should not involve excluding such a vibrant member of the community.  Having Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter on your team is pretty close to outstanding.


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