The Congressional Political Circus & the Galloping Gotcha Band

“Get Betsy on the phone,” The Senate Republican barks.

A nearby aide responds, “Sir?  Betsy?”

“Ross!  That gal is a direct link,” Responds the Senator.

“To who?” Inquires the aide.

Standing, the Senator slams his chair into the wall, “The President.  Look into her background.”

Pacing the floor of his office.   Punching a hand into his palm.   The Senator mutters, “It’s a conspiracy.  I know it is…

“To what?” The aide responds.

The Senator exclaims so loudly, the paint chips from the ceiling, “How this flag went from 13 to 52 stars!”

The aide keeps her poker face, while fidgeting with her cell phone contact list,  “How should I contact her?

Seance?  Prayer?”

“Yes,” The Senator wanders off rambling his thoughts aloud, “Now, how to keep my constituents from asking about jobs?”


Copyright © 2012 Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


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