Monday Bowl

Harold’s Fried Tofu (secret recipe)

Sliced, firm tomato

Fresh ripe avocado

Tapatio for tomato

Sprinkle of sharp cheddar

Sprinkle of balsamic honey vinegar for avocado

Dedicated work out partner

Tofu on side, alone.  Tomato spread just so.  Sprinkle Tapatio.  Rest.  Avocado spooned on top of tomato.  Sprinkle balsamic honey vinegar on top.  Just a touch.  Admire.  Place four fingers of shredded sharp cheddar all over.  Sit in your comfiest chair.  Sit with your mind on pleasant, peaceful thoughts.  Breath in.  Breath out.  Think of someone you love dearly and like THAT, and who returns love in bonus, diamond pressed degrees like it aint nuthun.

Then eat.  Eat, and eat, and eat like, I mean, until the bowl is empty and your heart is full.

You can shout if you want to.


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