If PBS Were a Destination Getaway

Stand in support of Public Broadcasting.

I don’t know about you, but where would I be without the years of Dr. Who, Masterpiece Theatre, or Sesame Street.

As a child, pledge drives taught me everything that I know about how to persuade the folks in my family to donate a dime, quarter or even the occasional nickel to my too large to carry purse.

Masterpiece Theater was a bit like watching the Jersey Shore for British Royalty. I adopted a Brit accent, empathized with the help from Upstairs Downstairs, and wondered why Lilly Langtry would put up with…anyway.

I also refused to drink anything but tea.

Mr. Roger’s Neighborhood was nothing like mine, but very similar.  It helped me to work through my shyness.

Your child’s imagination needs Public Broadcasting. You need it to remember how to see the world through a child’s eyes.

Big Bird, Bert & Ernie need your help.

Did you see the cigarette glued to Grover’s, “Hold up.  I know Romney didn’t just say something about taking away my money,” lips?

That look and the ability to dangle a cigarette when it’s not even attached to lips, only happens when the block is disrespected or you step on someone’s brand new Church shoes.


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