A Mother’s Son

In July of 2011, someone that is loved was lost.

This year we watched a Panda grieve after losing a cub, and we cried like banshees.

Fish, whales and other marine life, beach themselves because of the lack of oxygen in the warming oceans, or other reasons.  Some of us boycott petroleum conglomerates like B.P., or we decide to buy fish from other sources.  We have forgotten that fish, the bayous and the reefs are early communicators of the health of a necessary, natural resource.  For marine life, it is their home.

We care about animals and oceans for various reasons, usually our own pleasure.

Those hired to protect and serve, and do no harm, should care about human life because they have been hired to do so, and because they are paid.  It is my hope that applicants accept these positions because it is their calling.  I believe that the first day a Firefighter puts on the uniform, they have to know through the sheer weight of it all, the job is about more than a paycheck, benefits or a brotherhood sticker on the back of a pickup.  I believe that Police Officers are supposed to protect, help and provide a safe space for members of the community.  Anything less, or egregious in the expectations of what it means to be a Police Officer, and it may result in a calamitous, societal effect.   Firefighters and Police Officers are two jobs that should not be accepted by someone that views any member of society as less than deserving of human kindness, respect and dignity.

The above group includes other members of the helping professions: Counselors, Doctors, Dentists, Specialists, and Technicians.   It also includes Clergy.

For 9 minutes Derek went without oxygen, while asking for help.

Some predators in the animal kingdom deprive their prey of oxygen right away.  Some play, while showing their hardware.

Derek–a treasure that cannot be replaced is a mother’s son.

We should care about him and the horrific, senseless way he died just as much as we care about panda cub’s, whales, fish and dogs.

Caring and love for our fellow brothers & sisters is always ecumenically advisable.



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