Love Hangover & the Politics of Denial


Are you getting it, and is it enough of the right kind?

Can love be defined as right or wrong?

You can answer, but your reply may sully the love that I have cherished and nurtured since the moment of its discovery.

The tools available to measure and quantify the quality of love I treasure are beyond human imagination.

It’s quite possible that the love shared between the tiniest inhabitants of Earth’s Pleasure Palace, know more about love, truth and reality.

Take this prescription and heal your soured perspective on the naturally inclined, unmechanized beating hearts of those who dance naked,


breakfast, lunch and dinner.

For them, a standing order is on file to allow unlimited access to the fruited, flowered garden.

The Bacchanal is reserved for members, exclusively.

If Paradise is the destination of your dreams, its gates will open for the keeper of the key.


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