Cleaning House (For rape survivors)

Home Invasion!

Aliens Attack!

Not here. Not here. Not here.

For everyone that has experienced the terror of sending their most precious treasure to a place that was always meant to be safe:

A park


Bus stop

Sunday School



The State Fair

A Neighbor’s Home

Gym class

Swim meet

Boys Scout meeting

To Bed


Surviving sexual assault does not allow forgetting.

To allow politicians to be elected that callously and irresponsibly speak of rape, is to encourage another generation of those who would continue the cycle of barbarism.

Remember, but my recommendation is the following prescription:   Find your own way to peacefully acknowledge and then heal in a manner that does not heighten or prolong the cycle of pain.  Choose Health.

For more follow this link:

For rape survivors, Mourdock’s remark was an(other) attack on consent.


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