Thanksgiving 2012

As we approach Thanksgiving I find myself in a space of reflecting upon the notion of family.

I am often asked, “Do you have family here?”  My usual response is yes, I have family everywhere.

Please join me as I reach out to family and adopt all who would positively wish only the best for my future and yours.

Please sign my petition Meet the Emancipation Proclamation to encourage ongoing discussion on how we are related.

Remember, and be joyful in the knowledge that we will celebrate the 150th Anniversary of a cherished document–the Emancipation Proclamation.

Please sign my petition Meet the Emancipation Proclamation requesting a permanent website to encourage a continuous relationship with a document that deserves a place at the table of those who love, cherish, and would protect freedom for all in the United States of America.

As we set a place at the table for President Barack Obama and the First Family, please remember President Abraham Lincoln.

Let us be thankful the People of the United States of America are members of the same family.

Meet the Emancipation Proclamation

Happy Thanksgiving!

Music suggestions for your family’s continued celebratory feast:

“Who Am I,” performed by Alfie Boe

“Amazing Grace,” performed by the Blind Boys of Alabama

“Children Will Listen,” performed by Barbara Streisand

“As You Are,” performed by Phyllis Hyman and Pharaoh Sanders

“The Best is Yet To Come,” performed by Patti LaBelle and Grover Washington, Jr.

“Pure Imagination,” performed by Lou Rawls

“Baby It’s Cold Outside,” performed by James Taylor and Natalie Cole


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