Mamies Fudge (Eisenhower’s recipe has now become mine)


4 1/2 C sugar (use Stevia if you are already sugar sweet).

2 T butter.

pinch salt

1 can evaporated milk

12 oz sem-sweet choc chips

12 oz German sweet chocolate

1 pint marshmallow crème (hide jar from myself, and my Oops, don’t say it.  She will hear.)

2 c nuts—optional

How to make it

heat sugar, butter, milk over low heat stirring till sugar disolves

bring to boil, boil for about 6 min.

in bowl, put Choc chips, german choc, marshmallow creme, and nuts.

pour boiling syrup over and beat till choc stuff is melted.

pour into buttered pan.

let stand for a few hours before cutting, but is better the next day.

Surprise!  I don’t know if this tastes good at all.  I do know that as a child, I saw this recipe in the Chicago Tribune Parade magazine.  I held it close to me, cried and gobbled the last of a chocolate Easter egg, the kind that fits just inside a small palm.

I know children in Chicago this year would like to do more than read of chocolate fudge.  As we approach Thanksgiving, small stomachs would like to look forward to our national Holiday and everyday with 3 hot meals at home with their family.

Chicago Tribune Article on Propsed cuts to Department of Children and Families


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