Fight That Flu

Top 5 Fruits That Fight the Flu – ABC News.

Every year I dawdle about trying to decide if I should have a Flu shot.  I actually say these things to myself:

“I don’t want to feel sick.”

“It will make me feel sick.”

“I feel sick thinking about being sick.”

“I want the biggest stuffed toy to cuddle with in my bed, and a brand new box of tea, tissues, Casablanca and soothing music on constant rotation.  Oh, and I want a considerate and loving person to care for me while I go through the motions of being sick–does the Marriott have a hospital wing?”

Well, until I make it over to the Health Department for my annual Flu shot, perhaps the fruits listed in the ABC News report above will help me survive another day.

You let me know how it works out.  I’m going to have another piece of butter fried chicken.


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