Fish don’t use guns

Fish are smarter than humans.

Fish do not use, smuggle or trade hooks.  They don’t keep them under kelp beds or float around hiding behind coral waiting to hook another swimming neighbor.

Fish know just how far to stay away from certain underwater caves, because some kind of evil lurks there.  They know that larger than me, means I’m lunch.  The only cool thing about that is, a guppies energy becomes beneficial to the larger fish.  Human’s might think, “If it’s a shark eating the guppy, then golly gee!”  Nope, the guppy had plans for the entire day.  A day for a guppy cannot be measured by a watch.  A guppy goes out, taking a chance the entire time, but loving their life all the while.

Hooking one is not cool.

Guns are stupid.

We make up all sorts of reasons for needing them, when a well delivered, on the money, paragraph of words coupled with the implied suggestion of whatever incites passion will do.  You don’t even have to use expletives if you are well educated and familiar with good manners.

Too many have died because a gun was used.  Supporting laws that allow guns to remain in our communities, owned and operated by licensed or unlicensed people who would deprive us of a moments time with someone’s precious treasure: a child that perhaps was told the secret to deliver us all from this human disease of hating each other so much that we would cuddle with a cold piece of steel, protecting it with organizations and the fear of a losers vote, should be considered criminal and is insane.

We are wrong for loving guns more than our children.

Fish don’t like hooks, guns, bombs or chemicals that interfere with the quality of their life.  They would swim up, climb onto the beach just to protest in a very personal way, thinking the entire time, “Damn you humans.  My life is worth something!  This fish you will not eat!”

Come now, my fellow humans.  Can a gun, empty of bullets be recycled into metal that can be used for good?  Have we tried?  Do we care about our children?  Do we care about the future of humanity?

Annihilation is not the answer.


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