Hair Dreams Fantastically Traveling Toward Satisfaction

What drives us to feed enablers of the Hair Industry?

Smoking hot combs, iced with Bergamot blue grease.  Heads of  burning hair and fashion magazines promising elegance in a jar of creamy, acid strong chemicals applied to virgin soft hair unappreciated by owners until the day nappy puffs sprinkle carpeted apartment lawns in protest.

Photographs of Diana Ross, Beyonce, Farrah and memories of corn silk soft hair possessively claimed with shouts of joy.  My grandmother’s curls do not cover my head naturally.  I have to pay, pay and pay to have something like hers intrinsically placed on my head.

Weaves, wigs and curling iron magic and still I want it.  I want it now.  I want it in the shower.  I want it after a hard ride with sweat pouring and my muscles attentive.

I want  ribbons of hair fantastically flowing from my scalp and rendering onlookers into trembling, jealous appreciators of what I have and they cannot from behind a floor to ceiling window overlooking Manhattan.

I want deep coils mirroring the intricate dance of intellectual thought on an Olympic scale.

Honeysuckle vanilla all in your nose, pinned against the nape of my neck.

Cashmere blankets and my fingers knitting toward “I cannot breathe” satisfaction.




2 thoughts on “Hair Dreams Fantastically Traveling Toward Satisfaction

  1. The constant hair dilemma of life!!!!! You have described it deliciously.

    I too, although obviously not pressured by quite the same demands have struggled with this one as well. A little too wavy to be straight, a little too thin to be luxuriously curly. Recently, feeling it was weighing me down and looked tired – filled with all the sadness of my mother’s death, I chopped it off – down to the quick.
    I like the feeling of little cap on my head, and at least it has grown in completely unprocessed, except for a two minute blow dry after my shower. I have colored and processed it many ways over the years. Interestingly, I had no grey hair, (to my and my colorists amazement) prior to my mom’s passing. Now it is coming in with increasingly regular spider strands (many) of silver hue. Have decided to remain as apparently my hair really exists – at least for the moment.

    AND all this to say – I still want it too. lol

    You are brave beyond measure. Bold on, beautiful one.

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