Say it Loud


Galloping leaping civil servants!

Iced tea under a shady tree after voting.  Pink slippers worn to the polls just because I’m free.

Workers insisting they will do whatever it takes to process my registration on the same day, minutes after a college class ends; or in the last moments after work; and within the time protected by the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and now me in the beautiful struggle unemployed and in need of food and healthcare but knowing:

God, my Mother, Aunts, Grandmother, Sisters, Brother, Cousins and Daddy would want me to continue learning in a supportive environment.

Not one step back.  We’re going forward.

Come on Governor McCrory.  The North Carolina law that you signed restricts voting rights, and certainly sends a clear message to students, the elderly, disabled, poor and to me that you do not believe we are deserving of America’s freedom and privileges.

You can lead with courage.

Eyes On You, Marvin Winans and Tymara Spears

The American Experience: Freedom Riders


Governor Pat McCrory now is the time to encourage and persuade people to live in a peaceful North Carolina. The unwelcome signs of your policies are state authorized abuse. Today you can choose to lead and not dismantle years of positive progress. Liberty from her celebrated post and God are watching you.


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