One Nation

Are decisions in Washington made in the best interest of the family?  Our roots were not planted in the soil of bigotry. Someone tossed in bitterness laced with jealous sassafras unrelated to We as a People traveling toward God’s promise for us.

I want to cry for Miriam Carey’s child now.  How was she able to travel that close to the White House?

Two years ago I visited Washington on a bus with NAACP members from North Carolina.  My weary progression with a volunteer through a park to be visited by the First Family later that afternoon was checked, reviewed, assisted, given cold visual reminders that I could proceed but only if Law Enforcement agreed, “Okay–she has a backpack. Watch her.”

Our Nation is precious.

Meanwhile Tropical Storm Karen made her vacation plans for the Gulf States where others before her stomped and ruined beautiful coastal beaches, homes, and businesses.  Visits like hers always receive an immediate and decisive response requiring a steady, open for business Federal Government. Mother’s and their children would like the stability of a clean place to live, their pay and if needed for a time, the care of donated food through SNAP or safe shelter from the American Red Cross.

We are so close to Thanksgiving.  We do not share the same table but our values have always included the protection of women and children.  Was there another way to help Miriam Carey so her child could have her mother alive now? How does a marathon reading of Dr. Seuss in a room established for advocacy of the nation’s business resolve an unnecessary budget crisis?  Yearly efforts by elected officials to obstruct, devalue and shutter viable services, programs and necessary innovative research for our progressive health has wasted valuable time.  The hours wasted on us or them vitriol while burning Ivy League brain cells for stunts is not amusing.

Please conduct yourselves accordingly concerning matters pertaining to family.


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