Watched Rebecca for a bit.  Danni roams in black cloth, screening others while phoning her own legacy for future people.  In time.  Local wars transfer women to the unmapped King.

Winged thickets purple sky tearing planets until news of love adopt the pairings.

Forgetting promises.   They go.

Please remember Ma’am, I will always walk holding your ribbons.

Clawed privileges turn round the mercury door for you.  Let’s zoo the keeper and play in today.

Photo credit: Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter
Photo credit: Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

Royal Guard by MamiesShosho

Diamonds clear burn the suns view and she’s off to 5th Avenue, shopping.

Hide green under sofas at the neighbor’s.

Still yet, we should say the mall has relocated to Jupiter.

I don’t know if she understands our directions.

Well, look at how she allows the moon to stalk her windows without shades up or down.

That star dweller is using birds to leave tweets, hinting about the latest jewels.

How can I live without her day long interference within my timing?

Please, keep me posted.

She didn’t buy that at Harry Winston’s.

Tribeca Beauty

Mad writer in the place.

Look, the owner’s hat is on me when youth emerges — lights, action, fashion!

You are beautiful in MATT BERNSON | Tribeca.  

Pencil in opportunity next.  


Kiyonna.com and New York City, Thank you! Love Kimberly


Photos: Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter, Union Square

Clearly beautiful, tomorrow is the day.  Prepare for glittering paper, wrapping dreams of blue around pearl brilliant skies.

A job offer for Kimberly in a Kiyonna dress.

One Nation

Are decisions in Washington made in the best interest of the family?  Our roots were not planted in the soil of bigotry. Someone tossed in bitterness laced with jealous sassafras unrelated to We as a People traveling toward God’s promise for us.

I want to cry for Miriam Carey’s child now.  How was she able to travel that close to the White House?

Two years ago I visited Washington on a bus with NAACP members from North Carolina.  My weary progression with a volunteer through a park to be visited by the First Family later that afternoon was checked, reviewed, assisted, given cold visual reminders that I could proceed but only if Law Enforcement agreed, “Okay–she has a backpack. Watch her.”

Our Nation is precious.

Meanwhile Tropical Storm Karen made her vacation plans for the Gulf States where others before her stomped and ruined beautiful coastal beaches, homes, and businesses.  Visits like hers always receive an immediate and decisive response requiring a steady, open for business Federal Government. Mother’s and their children would like the stability of a clean place to live, their pay and if needed for a time, the care of donated food through SNAP or safe shelter from the American Red Cross.

We are so close to Thanksgiving.  We do not share the same table but our values have always included the protection of women and children.  Was there another way to help Miriam Carey so her child could have her mother alive now? How does a marathon reading of Dr. Seuss in a room established for advocacy of the nation’s business resolve an unnecessary budget crisis?  Yearly efforts by elected officials to obstruct, devalue and shutter viable services, programs and necessary innovative research for our progressive health has wasted valuable time.  The hours wasted on us or them vitriol while burning Ivy League brain cells for stunts is not amusing.

Please conduct yourselves accordingly concerning matters pertaining to family.

Say it Loud


Galloping leaping civil servants!

Iced tea under a shady tree after voting.  Pink slippers worn to the polls just because I’m free.

Workers insisting they will do whatever it takes to process my registration on the same day, minutes after a college class ends; or in the last moments after work; and within the time protected by the Bill of Rights, the Constitution and now me in the beautiful struggle unemployed and in need of food and healthcare but knowing:

God, my Mother, Aunts, Grandmother, Sisters, Brother, Cousins and Daddy would want me to continue learning in a supportive environment.

Not one step back.  We’re going forward.

Come on Governor McCrory.  The North Carolina law that you signed restricts voting rights, and certainly sends a clear message to students, the elderly, disabled, poor and to me that you do not believe we are deserving of America’s freedom and privileges.

You can lead with courage.

Eyes On You, Marvin Winans and Tymara Spears

The American Experience: Freedom Riders


Governor Pat McCrory now is the time to encourage and persuade people to live in a peaceful North Carolina. The unwelcome signs of your policies are state authorized abuse. Today you can choose to lead and not dismantle years of positive progress. Liberty from her celebrated post and God are watching you.

Summer fun, fun, fun



Kids wanting to experience clean uncrowded beaches could use Jenny Prices’ app because you did not responsibly write in your article that it is unwise and there are extreme consequences.  Many know the beach is for everyone because God placed it here for our use.  However, real estate associations and conventional laws related to ownership and privacy could result in a nasty summer.

Now look, there’s Jenny with your help waving goodbye to Los Angeles from the International Departure gate, flying first class:

After 15 years in Los Angeles, Price will soon say farewell to the Malibu coast. She will head to Munich on a fellowship that will allow her to write a book about contemporary environmentalism called “Stop Saving the Planet!” After that, she’ll become the visiting humanities professor at the Princeton Environmental Institute.

“I did not intend to drop this app bomb on everybody and then leave,” she said, “but that’s how it worked out.”

Hey Martha, I don’t want any beach lovers to miss a Princeton lecture given by Professor Price.   I want to read the books they will write.

That’s Beauty, Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

Photo credit: Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter


Do not remain silent as the poor in your state are bullied, harassed and suffer from unrepentant state authorized abuse. Welfare recipients welcome with open arms the opportunities denied to them that you enjoy. I am a Duke University 2012 graduate and I am unemployed. I have not been considered for any position that I was qualified to hold since arriving in the state of North Carolina in July 2010.

North Carolina is a nice state. It can be beautiful.

I am a Critical-Creative Consultant.  Allow me to help you realize potential beauty in your state.

Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter