and New York City, Thank you! Love Kimberly


Photos: Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter, Union Square

Clearly beautiful, tomorrow is the day.  Prepare for glittering paper, wrapping dreams of blue around pearl brilliant skies.

A job offer for Kimberly in a Kiyonna dress.


That’s Beauty, Sweet Potato

Photo Credit: Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter
Photo Credit: Kimberly Yarbrough Carpenter

That’s love. I couldn’t make it without God. I have to buy the ingredients and make it again because I made substitutions that now seem illogical. It was good though. Self rising flour, molasses, stevia, almond milk or water, sweet potato, fresh ginger and Hellmann’s mayonnaise. Bengal sauce for glaze after baking. I may have included a sprinkle of baking soda to the flour, cinnamon and nutmeg. You can skip the Hellmann’s and use Earth Balance instead.

Goodness, looking at me.

Summer fun, fun, fun,0,2231733.htmlstory


Kids wanting to experience clean uncrowded beaches could use Jenny Prices’ app because you did not responsibly write in your article that it is unwise and there are extreme consequences.  Many know the beach is for everyone because God placed it here for our use.  However, real estate associations and conventional laws related to ownership and privacy could result in a nasty summer.

Now look, there’s Jenny with your help waving goodbye to Los Angeles from the International Departure gate, flying first class:

After 15 years in Los Angeles, Price will soon say farewell to the Malibu coast. She will head to Munich on a fellowship that will allow her to write a book about contemporary environmentalism called “Stop Saving the Planet!” After that, she’ll become the visiting humanities professor at the Princeton Environmental Institute.

“I did not intend to drop this app bomb on everybody and then leave,” she said, “but that’s how it worked out.”

Hey Martha, I don’t want any beach lovers to miss a Princeton lecture given by Professor Price.   I want to read the books they will write.

Come on, pick up…


What are you doing?  What have you done yet that I can verifiably see resulting in a positive outcome for the people?

What is all this–?

What does it have to do with love?

If your neighbor’s in need, can they call on you?

We’re out here hurting.

I’m educated.  I still have more to learn and to share.

Your powers of vision can turn this ship around.

One day–that’s all it took for me.

Look, here’s my draft.

Oh, try a little of that.

Maybe some more…I don’t know (yes I do).

Perhaps I will, just this one time–okay, Sun, Moon.  Done.

Call me if you need me, but you do realize…never mind, read.

Read the book.

It’s in there.

Look, I wrote that in a dream, and then I took a walk.  Peace.

For real though, there is an imperative need to know the truth.

Know your history.  Don’t just let them spoon you up into a version that does not acknowledge your contributions and beauty.

I mean especially…

History happened all up in and through this place.  Pain still waiting by trees.

I’m telling you, they’re over there right now handing out notes saying, “Nah, remember when we did that?  Ah HA!  Let’s do that again.  I want to collect some tears tonight boy!”

First thing when you know you’re awake, get on your knees and thank Him.



Then when you can, do what you do.  Put all of that into good work.

Oh me?  Right now, I’m just looking for my big brother.